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Rep. Tyler Elected as the New Chair of the Boston Delegation

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Written in the Sampan Newspaper of New England

April 11, 2019 – (BOSTON) – State Representative Chynah Tyler joined her colleagues in the Legislature to celebrate her election as the new Chair of the Boston Delegation in the House of Representatives. The former Chair of the Boston Delegation was State Representative Adrian Madaro of East Boston.

“After two exciting years as Chair of the Delegation, I’m proud to pass on this position to my friend and colleague, Rep. Chynah Tyler. I thank all the members of the Delegation for their support and I look forward to supporting Rep. Tyler and continuing my involvement alongside my Boston Colleagues,” said Madaro.

The Chair is responsible for connecting local government offices and non-profit groups with the Boston Delegation to facilitate the vital work they do on behalf of their constituents.

“I am incredibly honored to be elected as the Chair of the Boston Delegation. I look forward to serving on behalf of our city,” said State Representative Chynah Tyler (D-Boston). “Thank you to Representative Madaro for passing the torch to me and for your dedicated service to the City of Boston over the past two years.”

Representative Tyler looks forward to creating a united voice amongst the Boston Delegation in order to fight for the issues facing the city’s residents in this session and beyond.

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