On the Issues

Prison Reform
  • Pushing to improve conditions inside prisons

  • Ensuring that our returning citizens received the support they need so that they can effectively reintegrate back into their communities.

Affordable Housing
  • Advocate for increased funding for programs

  • Dedicated to supporting more opportunities for affordable housing and homeownership opportunities.

Affordable Housing
Economic Development
  • Expand our economy to support thriving communities

  • Provide better-paying jobs

  • Create support programs to the growth of small businesses.

  • Ensure that every child is afforded the opportunity to receive a quality education.

  • Expand early education opportunities and reduce drop-out rates.

Public Health & Safety
  • Develop and improve trauma response systems in efforts to support individuals and families experiencing grief. 

  • Support the development of innovative and effective strategies to combat youth violence in efforts to maximize the pathway to success. 

  • Develop comprehensive re-entry programs. 

  • Encourage and support efforts to protect and improve the well being of our community.

Elder Affairs & Services
  • Committed to promoting and implementing quality of life services for the elderly. 

  • Committed to ensuring the safety of seniors in senior buildings

Civic Engagement
  • Educating residents on the political process. 

  • Creating more room for civic interest and engagement.  

  • Deliver quality constituent services addressing resident concerns. ​​​